Last Prophet

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The name of last prophet of Allah Almighty is Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). He was born in Makkah. His father name is Abdullah and His mother name is Amina. He belongs to noble tribe named Qureash. His Grandfather Hazrat Abdul Muttalib and his uncle Hazrat Abu Talib brought him up.

He was true and an honest person from his childhood. He nevers told a lie at any cost. He was a contented person. Who never hurt any body on his life.

He was a perfact model of guaidense for every body in this word . When hi started preaching of God Almighty the non-believes of makkah became his enemy.

He remain firm ob hi determination. At last hostaf them accepted the Islam. He (PBUH) often went to a cave in mount Hira where Allah sent hi message. Madina became the centre of the Islam.He cuas a great reformer. After some period Islam spread like fire..

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