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        Eeperimental work has just started on a new cryptocurrency called Latium.

Latium is a Crypto Currency and the first one of it's kind that utilizes a non-technical deployment network.  Simply speaking, Latium cannot be mined like other Bitcoin currencies.  However, Latium can be acquired for Free.

Latium are also a Proof of Stake Currency, (a simple security feature).

You can signup with Latium today and receive 5 Latium's, Free, and then download your free wallet.

Once you are setup and ready to go, you can get additional Latiums by introducing other's to your Latium Website and by building your social network for Latium on Facebook and Twitter etc.


  • Coin Symbol: LAT
  • Block Time: 150 Seconds
  • Cointake Maturity: 48 Blocks
  • Interest Rate: 50%
  • Transaction Fee: 01 LAT
  • Minimum Stake age: 6 Hours
  • Maximum Stake Age: 7 Days



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