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The remarks mentioned in this article give evidence that people remained the others that there is some kind of behavior which they expect from them such behavior which is standard and based on moral grounds. These remarks some time may take a form of severe bitterness but the underneath purpose is never humiliation of other,rather it is to show that some kind of standard behavior is not shown as expected.

All the varied comments made on different quarrels reveal that they are reminds of some mistake or unfair acts. The people may take lame excuses, give pretended reasons on comments to justify. Their irritation but the fact is concrete that they are forced to believe in, "Right and Wrong" or "Law of Nature". The proof of existence of this can be analyzed by observing that nowhere in the World injustice, murders, selfishness, violence or corruption are praised.

I believe that "Moral Law" is not simply can instinct but something that people living in a society have agreed upon because quarreling is always an attempt to show that the other man is in saying killing someone without any reason is always wrong and if these laws are not  set how could it be possible for the people to say who is right and what is wrong. Likewise no one anywhere appreciate selfishness, greed, lies, running away from battle and violence.

Tension, mental suffering, instability and quarrel all around us are true evidences that we are not keeping the law of Nature. We believe in this law but don't practice it properly. We, very boldly mentions to others when they violate it, but when we do some evil deed or immoral act we have a series of lame excuses and reasons for that. We deliberately break "Law of Nature".

The points that I makes are.
(a).All men believe in Law of Nature.
(b).They doesn’t behave in that way.

These two points are the foundation of dear thinking because even we know this law but break it. If it would hot so, then this world must be dwelling of peace and love. These would be no sense of evil or ill deeds.

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