Lawful Earnings

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Islam gives detailed rules and regulations for conducting the economic life of our society. These rules deal with the earning as well as the use of wealth and him at establishing a just and balanced economic system in which everyone will earn his living by lawful means.

Islam has strongly prohibited and condemned all money earned by unlawful means, and warned all those who do so of the fire of hell. It has commanded man to strive hard to earn his livelihood.

The holy prophet stressed upon the value of hard work to earn one’s livelihood. He said: the sins of person who returns home exhausted in search of lawful earnings are forgiven by Allah.”

Once a companion of the holy prophet peace be upon him asked him which livelihood was the most pious. He said: “hard work and trade which is free from fraud.

And: “allah is pleased with the person who goes to bed at night tired from his efforts to earn lawful bread.”

The holy prophet said: to earn a clean living is a duty next to the principle duties of faith. One another occasion he said: after you perform your morning prayers do not go to sleep foregoing your duty to seek your livelihood.”

These Ahadis show that the earning of livelihood through honest means comes after the performance of fundamental duties of Islam. Thus, to earn ones livelihood is mad obligatory upon every Muslim and he who earns his livelihood by performing hard work is respected and honoured by everyone in society.

Just a good conduct and actions help man to achieve success both in this world as well as in the next there are certain evil actions and bad conduct that degrade him.

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