lawyers or liars

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‘Hells people say to heavens people that you would not win any suite against us as we have all lawyers’. It’s a difficult question that the lawyers are liars or not. Some people say that they do not lay only try to curve or bend the rightness with their arguments. Other says that they are lairs when they win case for a bad person.

Layers are bad when they win for criminals or murderer and put them back on streets to do same with some one other. Some people accuse them as robbers. They rob their clients by charging them heavy fees. As someone says the layer is an educated guy who saves your estate from your foes and keeps it himself. In law court lawyers attack their opponents and victim clients and make them suffer emotionally. About their habit a British politician says, ‘Lawyers are like rhinoceroses: thick skinned, short-sighted, and always prepared for attack’.

Our political and judicial system is controlled by lawyers as our judges and bureaucrats all are former lawyers. Leader Theodore Roosevelt says in trying to convince his son to turn out to be a lawyer, ‘A gent who never advanced from school might steal from a load car. But a man who joins college and alumni as a lawyer might snip the full railroad’.

In the end we conclude that the lawyers are low in character as Michael Lara says, I'll never chat my lawyer's character in his absence, so let's chat his absence of character!    



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