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Empty pockets are the results of laziness,the attitude of a one day millionare and our ways of spending.It is not the government faults as some would say.Nor any others fault.People in the country move to cities for a better life.To find job and try their luck.But it is not always the case,people flock to the city and the city jobs can not accomodate everyone.

In the country side when you are not lazy there is enough money.White collar jobs are not always the answer to filling your pocket.While on the city , because we always think that paydays are always coming,we never think of budgeting.Not every one does.We are allured by the commercials we see .We envy how the rich are living and worst we try to live as if we can afford anything to please others.We go into debts which at the end brings us into corruption.We try to level up with rich people and buy expensive gifts and clothes .

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