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Hollywood is known as Tinseltown that is home to many famous actors and actresses. Obviously, some of these celebrity personalities are quite talented in their craft that most of their movies are global blockbusters.The films they performed or starred into are worldwide hits which is why they are adored by millions of fans.

Luckily, a few of these Hollywood superstars are using their influence, money, and status to contribute for the betterment of both public and environmental welfare.

This post aims to highlight one particular superstar that have been somewhat promoting the clean and green movement. This Hollywood personality apparently realizes the importance of Renewables and how can it contribute in preserving the environment (as I have mentioned in my former posts, it is quite imperative to address climate change today, as best as we can, if we want to safeguard the future of coming generations)

Anyway, if you have seen the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony, then you may have probably guessed that the Hollywood celebrity I am referring to in this post is none other than the famous and talented actor — Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Leo talks about environment safety during this year's Oscar event

In this year's Oscars ceremony, DiCaprio was able to grab the award for the best actor. Although this is not surprising due to his incredible talent, but what may have surprised some viewers is the content of his acceptance speech. Leo took that particular opportunity to talk about a global problem and to promote environmental awareness.

The photo below has a caption of his speech regarding climate change. However, I would also be providing a clip of Leo's acceptance speech just in case you want to listen to what he has to say regarding saving our planet.

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Leo has a mission to save the planet since the late 90s

Since the 2016 Revenant film somehow tackles natural / native lands being exploited for the interests of corporations, some people may think that DiCaprio has jumped in the Climate Change bandwagon because of his involvement in the film. After hearing Leonardo's Oscar speech, some viewers may have assumed that he is new to this whole saving the world gig.

However, it is important to note that DiCaprio has been an environmental activist many years before he starred in the Revenant movie and made that environmental speech in the Oscars. In fact, he has been part of the awareness since the late 90s — when he began his own foundation last 1998.

For those who are not aware, on that said year, Leonardo founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (otherwise known as LDF). The LDF is an NGO (non-government organization) that promotes environmental awareness but apparently focuses on the following four areas:

  1. Protecting Wildlife
  2. Saving Our Oceans
  3. Restoring Wildlands
  4. Empowering Communities

The photos below is a description of each of the items above as provided by LDF itself on their website (leonardodicaprio.org/about/):

Protecting Wildlife

Saving Our Oceans

Restoring Wildlands

Empowering Communities


(Image is the logo of LDF and available in its website)

But Wait, There's More to LDF!

As mentioned, the above items are just core areas – aside from that, there is so much more to LDF. Since its conception, it seems that LDF has been quite busy spreading and accomplishing its mission.

According to its website (as of writing time), DiCaprio's foundation was:

(a) already involved in multiple projects (128+) on over forty countries
(b) has produced "Water Planet" and "Global Warming" (these are two web documentaries)
(c) supports or is in partnership with more than 65 organizations
(d) and has accumulated $59.6 million worth of grants

Just like any other goodwill or charitable foundations, there are bound to be some people who might be skeptical of LDF and might even go far as to saying that it is fake or staged. But I joke you not when I say that Leonardo DiCaprio's Foundation is totally legit. In fact, the video below will show Leo meeting with a worldwide respected figure and part of their discussions is addressing climate change.

(Video is available in YouTube and shows Leo meeting with none other than his Holiness – Pope Francis)


What's the Catch? Is it to promote a movie or something?

Of course, there might also be some readers who are wondering why does Leo does all this? What is it for him? Is it for money or popularity? What does he hope to accomplish.

It is unlikely that Leo established his foundation just to get attention and to earn some cash. If one is to look at his accomplishments as an actor, he has a lot of these two aspects already which have obviously stemmed from his marvelous films and awesome movies.

Since money and popularity is out of the picture, and after all the facts presented in this post, one can safely assume that Leo does what he do out of genuine concern for the planet and the environment.


Leonardo's accolades and other environment-friendly activities

If DiCaprio has received numerous awards for his work in the movie and film industry — he has also received various recognitions for his contributions in the goodwill causes he has participated in. For instance, he was given the Martin Litton Environment Award and Environmental Leadership Award. The former is named after mid 90s activist (Clyde Martin Litton) while the latter is already quite straightforward.

Anyway, aside from establishing LDF, I will be finishing this blog with some of Leonardo's other methods and activities in helping to preserve the planet:

  • Drives and prefers to use EVs (electric vehicles)
  • Equipping PVs in his home
  • 2014 UN Climate Change representative
  • Donated a million dollars to Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Avid supporter of various environmental groups such as Global Green USA, Natural Resources Defense Council, etc...

Well, that's just about it. Leonardo DiCaprio is a Hollywood celebrity who not only provided significant contributions to the film industry but to the environment as well. Here's hoping that other prominent and influential people will follow in his footsteps. We all live in a single planet and taking care of it is each person's responsibility.


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