Lead Poisoning

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                                              Lead Poisoning

Lead is a heavy metal, occurred in whitish color in pure form. But it become gray when placed in air.  It’s heaviest in stable elements. It is mostly used in

  • Bullet
  • Building construction
  • Armed forces kits
  • Radiation protection shield
  • Battery
  • Lead in gasoline

It is toxic to human health especially for children. It affects the human as follows

  • Disrupt the nervous system
  • Disconnect the nerves with each other
  • Cause nephropathy
  • Create a pain called colic

 In children it affects the following

  • Effects the growth
  • Make leaning and IQ level down
  • Create ear problem
  • Anemia

Above are the some effects of Lead in human. It also affects the animal. Lead poisoning is mostly caused by the lead in air. Water from industries polluted the drinking water which causes the effects as above discussed. So try to treat waste water before draining it out to environment.