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Leader and Leadership

What is meant by a Leader and Leadership?


The world leader is a noun, derived from the verb 'lead' which means to guide or show the right path, so anyone who guides towards the right path is known as a leader.


Leadership becomes a leader (Anthony Robin)

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Leadership is a bit hard to define because of its different criteria for different people. Literally, leadership is, how does a leader lead? So the methods or manners of a leader that comprise his ability to lead are collectively called leadership. Overall,  a leadership sets the direction that helps the public to move forward in that direction, that leads to success. 


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Qualities Of A Good Leader:

For a good leadership, the leaders have been observed with  the following six qualities; 

1. Honesty: This is of basic importance that a leader should be honest with his followers. A dishonest person cannot win the favour of his followers and ultimately fails to act as a leader.

2. Confidence: If a leader is confident in his decisions, this confidence is reflected towards his followers. This is a nonverbal communication cue between a leader and his followers.

3. Positivity: A positive attitude always creates a hope. Problems may exist among people that can be mutual, national, international or domestic. A positive attitude of a leader always reflects a good attention from his people and that increases his popularity.

4. Decisiveness: A leader should have good decision making qualities.Delayed and outdated decisions for settling the issues always result in a failure and even a good leader who gives the delayed and disputed decisions can lose his popularity and confidence among his followers.

5. Inspiration and Charisma: A charismatic personality can attract the audience and win their favour. A charismatic leader inspire the people and creates an atmosphere where the people focus on their leader for all the successes and victories.


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6. Focus on People: A popular and  good leader is one to whom every follower feels a very close relationship. A good leader has a full knowledge of the common problems and their possible solutions.

A good followers is always a good leader:

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A great leader always talk in the public language i-e according to the situation e.g. 

I could not have succeeded without you; This is a charismatic phrase delivered by successful leaders.By acknowledging someones efforts and pledge to proceed in their company, one can easily boost other's trust and can prove his leadership a necessity of the time.

That is my fault: Such sentences put the ego and arrogance aside and the followers take such leader as honest and open-hearted  person who admits his faults openly among the public, looks a straightforward, honest and kind-hearted leader..  

I always need your advice: According to a research conducted by Dr Alison Wood Brook, leaders are usually hesitant to ask for help or advice due to their inner fear that people will think them incompetent. In fact, she says, this is is misplaced fear and people think of such leaders very positively who seek their advice as compared to those who think themselves competent and do not ask for other's advice or help.


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Similarly, A good leader never uses the words like:

"I say, it is impossible" Whilst sitting among the followers, engaged in discussion and consultation, such words give a close and shut warning that stops innovation and creativity specially when the followers are looking at their leader as a man who has the capacity to make anything possible.

"I am in Charge, not you": Bad leaders use such words to create fear buy using their authority which ultimately fades away from the mind of their followers if they start thinking the opposite and this is possible when a leader commits mistakes and does not accept the advice of his knowledgeable followers.

"This was not my headache,I have no interest in this matter: A good leader always articulates in a matter that does not reflect him selfish and unconcerned. 

A leader is never a boss or a manager. Here is the difference;


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Can a political leader be the best leader? The answer is No,because the politics does not cover the whole sphere of a human's  life. The politics may be one important aspect of life but there are many other issues more important as poverty, ignorance, imbalance of empowerment, religion and wealth etc. So,the best leader is one, who is the best in all these aspects of life and can address them effectively.


The best leaders can change this world as much as the science and technology can do. Such a leader possesses a vision that guides the present and future world.

Such personalities have proved themselves the best leader of their time, present ad even of future.

The World's Greatest Leaders: 

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At the top of this list is:

Prophet of Islam Muhammad SAW ( peace be upon him)

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Prophet of Islam Muhammad SAW was a messenger of Allah (God). He was a political, military and social leader. His vision 'Al Quran' has been recognized as the best book of law whilst he himself as the greatest lawgiver.


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Another great leader is 



Holy Jesus was a prophet of God too.He was crucified by Romans but he was ascended to heavens whilst his message has been continuously spreading through his apostles.The story of Holy Jesus have been one of the greatest ever told.

Krishna: He was a leader of a religion 5000 years old. He was a prince interested in playing flute but supposedly, he represented the earthly manifestation of a god who spreads the doctrine of godliness and dramatizes the struggle of humanity. Buddhism and Hinduism are very closely related religions    

Martin LutherHe was a German monk. He published his liberal views when heretics were being burned. He decried papal authority because they were absolving the guilt by paying money to Catholic authorities. This bravery and perseverance proved Martin Luther a great leader.  

Dalai Lama: He was 14th Dalai Lama and his religious name was Tenzin Gyasto. He was born in 1935, He is considered as head monk of 'Tibetan Bhuddism' being practiced in Himalaya region of Asia.

By this discussion I have tried to make it understand the criteria of a good leader and leadership.I would like to receive comments. Thank you 

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