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I don't know but I think Sir Francesco and the rest of Bitlander's cast are experimenting countless changes here. Today, I was surprised to see the Leaderboard:


Bitcharities Leaderboard which shows famous names in Bitlander World. If how and what this board would affect us is still a question since this is new. They probably wanted to motivate us to donate more to increase the fund of those charities listed in our shop. That is not a big deal to members since we all aware in helping those people and earn additonal buzz in return.

The Leaderboard which make us more familiar because we've seen this everyday or as often as we want. Here, we clearly understand how and what this board is all about. If you have the highest buzz score...then you belong to this leaderboard. We all know and understand how to earn a high buzz score. 

What confuse me here are the real computation of our buzz score and revenue. There is a lot difference now than I think a couple of months ago. Maybe, they've just experimenting if what is the most appropriate system and techniques that could help both members and the charities. Well, I am hoping for a better result on this changes.

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