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Ever wonder how high you are with the world of bit then look no further cause last week we are introduced to the new leaderboards section whoopeee!!!!. The leaderboard is the symbol for those who have gained hardworking excellence in bitlanders these past few months and as you can see here:

you can actually see the ones who have achieved the highest buzz on their most interesting activity here. Along with the top 50 buzzers is your own rank which you can see at the bottom of the leaderboard screen which is kinda like this:

 See my rank down there that is the rank I got from constantly doing all the good things here in bitlanders in which I totally forgot that sharing interesting posts on other social media actually help with that. Now this is a new one of a kind thing for bit that has somehow sparked others to be competitive here just for the fun of it,"Well bitlanders isn't actually just a social media site but also a game that lets you earn through your interesting content". Therefore its things like these that lets you enjoy expressing yourself in a modern technological way of thinking. Well its time for me to rack up the buzz so keep posting and keep on playing bitlanders.

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