League of Legends: Imperial Desert - Azir reduced power

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Riot Games has recently made ​​further modifications in the World League of Legends.

As we reported some time ago, Emperor Desert - Riot Games Azir was in favor of a small increase in server power Legendary Alliance test. However, it seems to make the NSX has led Azir become too strong, as evidenced by the general continuous storm of PBE server.

Therefore, immediately Riot Games had to adjust the power of the generals Azir. Accompanied by a few generals like Sion and Anivia are also paying attention to Riot Games.
- Energy Recovery rate dropped to 1.3 per second from 1:42.
- Speed ​​increases in energy levels dropped to 0:13 from 0:15.
- Damage is basically reduced to 43 from 47.
- Basic Armor reduced to 14 from 16.

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