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Hello everybody

My name is Diem My.

I participated bitlanders 2 months

In addition to income earned here was a game to help me improve my English capital

I would love to learn English and I want to share my experience to have passion like me


Learning a language other than their mother tongue, always gives you a lot of difficulties, so to learn English or any other languages require you to have the motivation quite clear 

1.English is really important for you to go away and learn.

English is the official language of over 53 countries and territories.

People in America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, part of Africa (South Africa), India and many states have islet see English as the official language. Not only that, this is a second language are accepted in major countries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

When you speak English, you have opened herself to the gate with his country. Besides, English is easier to use than the system language hieroglyphs such as China, Korea or Japan.

Also, English is a beautiful language, associated with many cultural characteristics from those countries that use it. If you feel that you really love and passion for English, then I am sure you will soon be proficient in this language.

2.Learning English is to improve ourselves, improve their lives and their own future.

Companies, international corporations require applicants to have English proficiency can at least listen, understand. The fact that the difficult economic situation, most companies want to save money and manpower. Instead of hiring two people, a working professional, a translator, they only want to recruit a single person, but you can handle your professional expertise, knowledge of English medium.

In addition, many international employers want to retrain their own human resources with academic programs and personal coaching. So a candidate can speak English but not enough skilled professionals, they are easily trained and do not mind spending extra costs for training, but also with a good professional but have no ability to communicate in English is not a first choice.

3.Learning English is also an important condition for you to access and update knowledge resources from all over the world.

More than 1 billion Web pages in English. It's amazing that learning just one language gives you access to almost all knowledge on that. The most commonly used software in the world, the most popular social network, the most extensive portal, the electronic wallet most preferred, all of which are written in English.

Only English newspapers and magazines that can be bought everywhere in the world. You need not search scours the newspapers like the Times, Newsweek or the International Herald Tribune.

Please view international television networks such as CNN and BBC. They broadcast news faster, more professional TV networks in other countries. And you can see this channel worldwide. Elsewhere, you can also easily find an English-speaking people.

4.Promoting career.

Put "excellent knowledge of English" on a CV (curriculum vitae) of you. Get your dream job, and earn more money. Make wise choices, even if your job does not require the ability to use English fluently, but if you prove yourself as a professional staff, your boss is not difficult for you to be careful about what you higher position.

5.Helps you active in the social environment, confidence in communication and always wanted to explore the cultures of the countries in the world.

Learning English has now become a global language. Between dozens, hundreds of different languages, the world has chosen English as a means for people to understand one another. According to data from Wikipedia, the 53 countries that use English as the official language. International events like the Olympics, the global organization, the multinational corporation ... are considered English as common language of communication. To not become a guest, a friend "can not communicate," you need to learn to use English. Especially since Vietnam, our country has joined the global economy, you will not want to shake his head and arms as a foreign friend asked smiling sugar you use?

So How do you study English?

Here are a few rules to learn my english:

The first rule:Always Study and review the phrases, sentence structure, not individual words.

    When you find any new words, write the sentences with the word in it. When you revise, always review from the group, the question, not from separate review.

Let's collection from the group.

English speaking and grammar will better 4-5 times faster. Should always write a complete sentence.

Always learn enough question.

Make a notebook collection phrases, whole sentences.

Collecting and reviewing the group from, the question frequently. Never just write individual words, always write a phrase and sentence enough. Always review the phrases and sentences.

Rule # 2: Do not study grammar

Rule No. 3: The most important principle - Listen before.

Listen, listen, listen. You should hear a language I can understand. You have to listen to everyday English. Do not read textbooks. Listen to English. This is simple. This is the key to success in your English learning, Start Listening daily.

Learn with your ears, not your eyes.

At most schools, you learn English with your eyes. You read textbooks. You learn the rules of grammar ..

But now you have to learn English with your ears, not your eyes. You should listen 1-3 hours every day. Spend most of your time to Hear - it is the key to speak good English.

Rule No. 4: Slow, deep learning is best.

The secret of speaking easily is to learn words, phrases and sentences in a most intensive. To understand the definition, the concept is not enough. To remember for the tests was insufficient. You have to put the word deep into your brain. To speak English easily, you must then review the lesson many times.

    How intensive? Very easy - just repeat the lesson review or listen to repeatedly. For example, if you have the books hear (Disc story), listen to shows a 30 times before heard Chapter Two. You can listen to Chapter One 3 times daily for 10 days.


You can learn Enhlish  through books, newspapers, news, stories by telephone, computer or radio.

There are many websites for you to learn English,examples: LearnEnglish website;LearnEnglish website: Fun & Games;LearnEnglish website: Listen & Watch;LearnEnglish website: Apps;LearnEnglish Kids website;LearnEnglish Teens website;LearnEnglish website: Business & Work;Premier Skills English website;..etc.

Learn English through the English prodigy video of Vietnam

learn English  video with foreigners:







Good luck :))

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video source: video.com



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