Learn Google Adsense Part I

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In this Part i will tell you how to create a blogger you can create your own domain too but it will take some of your money therefore i prefer blogger because it is completely free and you can put Google Adsense Hosted account's Ads on blogger too.Now you will be wondering that what is Hosted Adsense account.

Difference b/w Hosted and Normal Adsense Account:
Hosted account are those type of accounts which are not allowed to publish ads on other social media sites except those social media sites who are in partnership with Google Adsense.

For Example:

And Normal Adsense accounts are allowed to publish ads on any social media site.

Now at first the things you need to do are Given below:

1. Create An account on blogger.com
2.  After you are done then Create a Blogger.In order to Create a blogger As Shown in the Picture Below.

This is End of Part 1 Hope you will learn Something.
Feel free to Ask any Question Cuz i m here to help :)

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