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Image credits: Created from Canva by Jean Beltran via bitLanders

So, I was in a new attraction in Cebu a few days ago and I guess I took a lot of nice photos. Pictures of animals, safari ones like Zebras and Tigers, not endemic to the country and very cute and funky ones too like the Meerkats! Some were shy, some were very territorial and even some noisy like the Gibbons!

But as I was taking a photo of its Rotonda Safari Statues fountain with a beautiful backdrop of the Aviary Dome, I couldn't help but get irritated of waiting for the other tourists and guests to get out of the way so I can take a clean photo of the fountain. The view was really nice with these golden statues and sparkling fountain but I have to wait for all those who came by to take a photo as well to disappear. But I also am aware that there were more than a thousand people inside the park, all of whom would like a photo of the fountain too! So there's no chance that I could get a whole shot without a single photobomber.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

But I realized, I can actually get a clean image with the use of my friend, Adobe Photoshop! Anyways, I have nothing to worry about, these guests can go around and take photos for themselves and I will just don't care and take all the shots I needed, at the back of my mind, I will just gonna be erasing you all out from Adobe Photoshop!

With that, I have come up with a new topic in mind: Learn How to Take No Photobombers Pictures!

These tips will make use of your photography skills, your attitude as well as your photo editing software mastery talent! Read on and learn guys!

Tip # 1: Be Patient and Polite

Nothing beats Patience of course. As what they say, Patience is a virtue. And so thus politeness when it comes to Photography, like waiting for the sun to rise in every day or perhaps as we wait for the sunset in a bay or a beach shore, that virtue is always needed to get that perfect shot or great time-lapse video clip!


Image credits: Created from Canva by Jean Beltran via bitLanders

In terms of photographing without any photobombers, Patience can be a good factor too plus, it is the best option as you don't have to do any specific actions on any media editing software on the computer.

One can wait for all the people around to get out of your preferred frame, or you can opt to tell them that you are taking a photo in that specific direction and ask them politely to maybe take a few steps back just for a few seconds or a minute to clear the view. I believe any person in their right mind can do so. They will even appreciate it when you ask them rather than having that frowned face while waiting.

Tip # 2: Use Your Camera's Long Exposure Setting!

Image credits: Jean Beltran via louiseshrigley

Long exposure photography is surely one which I enjoy the most aside from landscape, truly because it provides different kinds of results in various situations. Let's say you are in a secluded area of town, its new moon (WOW)! A long exposure would give you the possibility of picturing the Milky Way. Another example is when in waterfalls, a stream or even on the beach shore. This type of photography will give you that silky effect of the water movement. It is just amazing and playing with it is endless, like literally, the sky's the limit!

But most importantly, it can allow a photographer to take away people out of the frame too just by keeping the shutter open for seconds will not capture the people moving here and there in the image!

Image credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

Just like the photo above, it was taken in SM Cebu and there were numerous people around. James took a long exposure for around 15 seconds while I stood up the center. The result was pretty cool. It looked like I was the only person in SM Cebu! And look at those light sparks, aren't they amazing?

Note however that this will require additional gears and materials to realize this. What I am referring to are the tripod, trusty and steady one because if that is too lightweight, it will be blown out if the wind is strong or something like that.

Image credits: amazon

A filter is required too if you are shooting in daylight. Why? Well, because having your shutter open for a few seconds will capture a lot of light into the lens and if you are not using a lens filter then you'll end up with just a bright image.

One last optional material is the remote. This will allow you to manipulate the number of seconds that you want the shutter opened, again it's an optional one because some cameras have that option.


Tip # 3: Use Adobe Photoshop Software

Image credits: newsinitiative

I learned two ways to take people out of the image both of these options can be done using Adobe Photoshop! This is really insanely amazing and I totally believe that any photographer knows this option, especially those who have photography as his or her job!


Clone Stamp Tool

Image credits: Jean Beltran via biLanders

I used my personal image here to share you how to get rid of photobombers. This image was taken in Oslob on our way to Sumilon Island. We were on the way to this docking area which has the rocky edges. I really like the rocky part but then there were some three random guys at the end.

Using the Clone Stamp tool, I managed to get rid of them. Check out the video I took while I used the clone stamp. It was a fast process, it took me less than five minutes to finish the three of them.

Video credits: Jean Beltran via YouTube

Made a few edits to the image and I was done!


Content-Aware Fill


Image credits: LinkedIn Learning Solutions

Now here's the really magical part of Adobe Photoshop! Earlier with the clone stamp, it took us a pretty a good few minutes to finish out the guys from the image. Now with Content-Aware Fill, it will only take a few drags and click, the software will automatically take them out for us with the command!

First, use the lasso tool to select the area which needs erasing. Trace and draw an outline around the surrounding of the area we need to get rid of. Once that's connected and selected, navigate to Edit - Fill - Content-Aware Fill and hit enter. You can also launch it with the keyboard keys by pressing Shift + F5!

Watch me do it:


Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

Depending on the image, this option can be done just as that or it might require additional polishing by using the Clone Stamp tool. On the image I used, I had to polish it again since the water was cut off together with the image.

Interestingly, these tools on Adobe Photoshop is really astonishing and it improves photo editing skills!

Image credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

That's it! I hope you have learned something about today's Adobe Photoshop tips on taking out photobombers from your photo! Now, you can dig your old photos and check if htere's something that requires editing!

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