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Each of the eyebrow shapes can make a huge impact on your facial impressions. Even though they occupy just a small part of your face, you know that small alterations can tremendously change your looks.  Imagine yourself without the eyebrows; how do you think your face will appear? 

Women trim their eyebrows for this reason. They want to appear at their best by shaping their eyebrows that will complement their facial assets. However, some women base the shaping of their brows on their favorite celebrities. There is nothing wrong to look for inspiration, but remember that their face is different than yours. The face is the crucial factor for determining which eyebrow shapes will look good on you. 

 The Different Brow Shapes 

Good Housekeeping identifies the different eyebrow shapes based on the arch of the eyebrow.

Arched Toward the Tail

Image Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office via Wikimedia.org

The tails are longer than the corner of the eyes. The inner two-two thirds of the eyebrows are distinctively or slightly slanted.

Arched in the Middle

Image Source: Joella Marano via Wikimedia.org

The middle arch is a no-no unless it looks natural on your face. If you still insist on shaping your eyebrows with the arch in the middle, shape the peak as subtly as possible. You don’t want your eyebrows to look like rainbows above your eyes.

High Arches

Image Source: Chuck Kennedy via Wikimedia.org 

The high arches open up the facial features but also consider as a dangerous shape that can make a person looks matured or serious. 

If you want to experiment with this eyebrow shape, create the arch towards the tail and not in the middle.

Barely-There Arches (Natural-Looking Arches)

 Image Source: Marc E. via Wikimedia.org 

You shape your eyebrows by following your natural arch and plucking only stray hairs. This shape is the most recommended. 


 Image Source: MingleMediaTVNetwork via Wikimedia.org 

The rounded shape is the subtle version of the arched-in-the-middle-shaped eyebrow without the distinctive angle. It is the most recommended if you want to soften your strong facial features. 



Image Source: Richard Goldschmidt via Wikimedia.org 

The straight shape is the trend nowadays especially in Korea because it can make you look young.



Image Source: Bollywood Hungama via Wikimedia.org 

Tapered is also a trend in Asia. It has a resemblance with straight and the arched-toward-the-tail brow shapes. 

If you want the tapered-shaped eyebrows, you shape the tail thinner than the two-thirds of the inner eyebrows. The inner eyebrows are either thick and straight or slightly slanted.


Image Source: Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia.org

The S-shaped is a natural occurence. The brow commonly dips down towards the center and rises to create an arch.

The Major Key Points 

To determine the different eyebrow shapes that will look good on you, remember some of these important rules. 

The Rules of the Thumb When Plucking or Trimming Your Eyebrows


Image Source: Engin Akyurt via Pixabay.com 

There are three rules for plucking the eyebrows. First, the start of the eyebrows aligns with the nose bridge. To determine the alignment, hold a pencil vertically to measure a straight line from the nose bridge to the eyebrow. Mark with a pencil to trace where the eyebrow should start. 

Second, follow the natural arch of the eyebrows and work along with it. 

Last, make sure that the tail of each eyebrow is not shorter than the corner of each eye. 

The Face Shape 

The face shape is the main consideration for determining which different eyebrow shapes will look good on you. Making a mistake by choosing the wrong shape can make your face looks bigger or older. For this reason, you must know the shape of your face first before trimming your eyebrows. 

Here are the different face shapes:

  • Oval (egg-shaped)
  • Square (prominent jawlines)
  • Round (indistinct cheekbones and jawlines)
  • Heart-shaped (pointy chin and wide forehead)
  • Oblong (face is longer than it is wide)

The Perfect Eyebrow for Each Face Shape 

Oval Face 

You are lucky because many eyebrow shapes will look good on you. 

Best eyebrow shapes: Barely-there arches, tapered, rounded, arched toward the tail 

Square Face 

The eyebrows should be soft. Creating a peak or an arch is a no-no. 

Best eyebrow shape:  Rounded 

Round Face 

Your eyebrows must not be too thick or not too thin. Creating an eyebrow arch will look good on you because your facial bones are not distinct. The straight eyebrow shape will also look good if they are not angularly straight. 

Best eyebrow shapes: Arched toward the tail, tapered, straight, high-arches

Oblong Face 

You must create an illusion that will make your face looks short.  With this face shape, Koreans prefer to shape their eyebrows short and thick, while the westerns prefer to shape their eyebrows extending a little bit from the corner of each eye. 

Best eyebrow shapes:

(Western): Arched toward the tail, tapered

 (Asians): Straight, tapered 

Heart-Shaped Face 

You shape your eyebrows aiming to take away the visual focus on your pointy chin. Arched eyebrow shape will look perfect on you. Make sure to keep your eyebrows trimmed and groomed all the time. 

Best eyebrow shapes: Arched toward the tail, high-arches

Eyebrows can create a huge impact on one’s appearance. Sometimes, if you don’t have enough time to put some make-up on, just trimming and grooming your eyebrows with a tweezer and eyebrow pencil can already do the trick. However, you must only apply the eyebrow shapes which will flatter your facial features. 

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