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If possible, I would pray to live forever repeated moments when he smiled. Live with the habit has become inherently ...

Morning Wake you up after a nightmare, so further back. The belly is hungry can eat grabbed the sandwich, soft drink milk cup can hold for support sore throat, but my empty heart can fill anyone? There could only be one person only.

In the dream, I saw him leave her. I kicked the ball back nostalgic nostalgic pursuit was kept hidden then fade completely. The feeling distressed him more than a thousand times scary monsters, ghosts in horror or anything else. Earnestly remember feeling a person, so that can not grasp - pathetic really. So two hours later in the morning, slept just five minutes, I stood up, restless tossing and turning. Because I too remember a person, or because I need more than one person that I could not take my eyes away being. Just as if that is the goal of life is to live.

Field life is long too, wakes up every day to do many things, want to do so many things. But in the final, all, I just want to make my beloved happy, that is enough. Many people told me that I should live - even I, who was happy that I can be happy, he smiles I can laugh, he hurts my heart even more pain.

Knowing say this a couple of times when feelings rise I keep forever? A nostalgia where there are short right, I remember a long time ago that instead. So this morning, I'll love him a little more, so every day I find myself living there know how much sense.

If possible, I want to stay forever at the time we love, every day is waking up to wish him good morning or good night, he was eating frequently asked knowing he could not take care of himself, or is sat up all night counting the elapsed time when he had a good sleep ...

If possible, I want to sit still watching him eat, silently watching him intently paying attention to something, or several times tried to touch his hand softly.
If possible, I would pray to live forever repeated moments when he smiled. Live with the habit has become inherently. Turn your phone into the middle of the night, a time when most felt empty, looking for all the phone list, are all the work phone number, social, friends, and even busy ... some not now be called anymore, suddenly I find myself alone among all - then the world around them fade so.

So right now, at the start of a new day, I will live in her old moments, allowed himself to stop time, to sink themselves into hard times when we are not talking about each other like this . A mild dose of heart attack my heart now, just that.



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