Leaving or not leaving. it is not the question!

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Most of educated people I know in Kabul left or planning to leave Afghanistan!

Most of people that came back to country after fall of Taliban in 2001; they plan to leave again. 

Security issues, unstable economy, corruption in National and international organization did not remain any hope of change for them.

We have presidential election a head in 2014 that could give some hope to people but the political parties, politicians and candidate do not have just a single plan for country massive problems.

They pretend that the problem is Taliban but we know that the Taliban problem in front of lack of security (that is not just happens by Taliban), economic problem and unemployment is nothing!

Some people that think leaving is not the best choice, are tired of argue with others for not leaving and sometimes, you see that there is no choice for them and they made the best choice for taking their families away!

Families are falling apart and millions of refugees in neighbor countries and Europe are waiting months and years to finding a stable life for themselves and their children. The government just doesn’t care about it.

There is no clue what will happen…

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