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hello all/ a time when i left pakistan for a good job and come to saudia arabia. Friends that was a very sad moment . As you know that it is very difficult to leave the birth place and homeland.There are many reasons to hurt you when you leave your homeland like you are leaving your friends of your childhood. Have to leave parents and all you do at home. We have to face the difficulties of other state people of other state. Leaving bothers and sisters and nephews nieces. It was a very difficult moment . And when i arrived in saudia arabia i was feeling amazing that i will make progress now. No doubt that i am making progress but there are many issues and problems that have been faced by me.i face the issues for seeking job and sat free at room so many days and lend coming over me for mess and other expenses. But now i say thanks to my GOD that i am easy now and hopeful for the best future. In the end i will give message too all that do not leave your state for money or job because there is nothing best in the world more than your own state . You walk all over free in your state but not in other state all things found by you.


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