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Not how to combine business with pleasure. As he neared the autumn fair INVEX science, the more I planned leisure to survey sites around Brno. The choice fell on the tank New Mills and refrigerator. Thursday, October 27, 2005 in the early morning, I went out Třince to the Brno Trade Fair. Little when I let him miss. In conjunction of the national holiday and the weekend, and after visiting the weather forecast, I was looking forward to a holiday photo. I myself was wondering what I can stand in the chilly autumn days in nature with spending the night in the car. On Thursday morning, I managed fair and then pushed in the direction of the tank New Mills. He went back and forth for the first time in my life and completely blind. Over the last few years I got used to plan trips, purely on the map.

He drove here barrier between the upper and middle tanks and parked at the turnoff to the Lower Věstonicím. My first welcomed the hills in the beautiful afternoon sun. I was fascinated by continuous strokes geese field and after a short while, I gave up counting them. Continuous strokes geese field, I watched the entire three days of my visit to South Moravia. I walked along the dam between the Upper and Middle tanks. On the rubble left by the roadside renegade Starling. Farther was flooded forest around the reservoir tagged Central European beavers. These beaver creations I saw for the first time. My guys from the mountains behind them simply have to go. Strokes geese field I watched until dusk. Medium tank was occupied by fishermen, who "professionally" trained bystanders tourists. Everything was guaranteed to them by flying geese and cormorants and those tourists ate them. I was a little dared them to do training on basic kinds of waterfowl and I found that did not know the words as březňačka or Pochard (they are simply ducks). That shag has a regular cross flight silhouette also found for the first time. When I did herons from their sea eagle and then still recognized in flight 2 species of gulls. So I frankly told bluntly that I'm some Chytrolín because in Bohemia occurs only ten "thieving, flycatcher." In addition to our crowd standing hunter even did not join in the debate, probably also because he was not too sure. Tou debate me pretty frustrated that I prefer to go farther. It is not very good debate sharpen up an argument when you need to enter on their land:-) I looked on the map and in the evening a car stuck on one side dirt road under the trees. South Moravia I felt like in the old totalitarian times. Nature indeed beautiful, but the shops were closed. Still, it can store up today at petrol stations. They are usually open nonstop.

The night was pretty scary, but I had to liven counting aircraft. At any time, were visible in the sky at least the second morning I planned to walk around and Lednice Castle Park, watching hawkers and visiting nearby refrigerator, I spent a pleasant day. In the evening I even drove peek at Nesyt. It was fascinating to watch the flocks of starlings air whirls. My joy could not understand the local denizens. They came to see what they're doing by jogging in the reeds around their land. They in fact until dusk were returning home from a day watching grapes before starlings and other "vermin". At night I chose to cheer again another quiet dirt road. In the frosty morning I got a little heated by running for hejnkem of long-tailed and then pushed in the direction booking Pasture by Lednice.

Reservations Pastvisko is a very interesting site. It is a large area of reed and water surface in the middle. Certainly it's very interesting especially in spring during the nesting period. There are fishermen, and so one has peace of mind when the "suspicious" activity like jogging in the reeds along the water surface. In this peaceful location abstained on turn 6 white herons and fresh traces of beavers and wild boars there was too much. In the evening I popped into the nearby fields Bulgarians. At the photo shoot inside, I did not get permission because of hunting guests and so I can stand guard just outside the fence in one climb. I waited to see deer and 2 in the evening after dark I headed to the 250 km journey home.

About this region, I knew nothing, so I was a little passed me to go back there already for sure. I do not know whether I can make it in the spring during the nesting period, but in the fall I'm sure there again.


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