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 Hello everyone! I am again here. I hope all of your enjoying my posts. This post is a bit interesting and is very close to my heart. I hope all of you also find it useful. This is about the lessons I have learned from my life. I change a lot from what I am to what I was.

In all these years from my childhood to getting adult, I experience a  lot of things. My life completely gets transformed. Very few lessons I experience are the most valuable assets I have. I also want to share it with you guys. Let’s startup.

Lessons of my life

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All of us learn and get better day by day. Life teaches us many lessons rather we want to experience them or not. From teenage to getting mature we are learning slowly and steadily. The lessons we experience by ourself are one of the most effective lessons.

"Life is an art of drawing... without an eraser."

(John W. Gardener)

The things you experience by yourself have a great impact on your personality rather the one you listen from others. From the ups and downs of life, you find yourself getting up as a strong person. Hardships teach you a lot of things that you can’t learn from the books.


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People think that miseries, hardships or difficulties break them. But I think hardships are the blessings of God for teaching us the value of life. Sometimes we start taking things for granted. Meanwhile, when something is taken away from us, we get its value. From the hard days, I learn a lot. Some of these lessons are:


Lesson#1: Be patient

The society in which we live is very absurd. Here people want to prosper in minutes. People think that if they start something today, next day it will give them 100% result. Life is not like that. For achieving high, forgetting significant results we have to be patient.


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Nothing is going to happen in 2 to 3 days rather it will take some time. If we lose hope just in one day we can’t be able to cover the journey of success.Put all your efforts in your work and then be calm for extraordinary results. 

"It is difficult to be patient but to waste the rewards of patience is worse."

(Abu Bakar)

As this quote determine patience is hard to do. I was also very impatient, till now sometimes I start reacting like a child. But after some time I cool down and talk to myself that ” Kiran what are you doing? Is it right to be so impatient? ” and then the answer comes “No dear…”. This conversation of mine will give me all the answers and I again get positive energy.


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lesson#2: Make yourself strong


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“Life is not a bed of roses.”

This proverb implies that life contains not only happiness rather ups and downs are also part of it. As the weather changes sometimes it is cold enough and sometimes it is hot. Similarly, life can never be in the same mode. You will experience some bad days and also some good days.

Each day is unique from yesterday. So don’t get hurt on difficult days rather handle them bravely. We should have to mentally prepare our self for everything. A person who did not lose his senses at the time of difficulty would be able to make good decisions.


lesson#3: Don’t put head on what people think


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As we live in a society, we relate to many people directly or indirectly. Friends, family, relatives, colleagues etc. all of them are part of our lives. These people have a great impact on our lives. Few of them are kind to us on the other hand, few ones degrade us.


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When you keep focusing on the bad comments you will lose all your courage and willpower. So, ignore what people said about you. Just keep moving forward with all your heart and soul. It will benefit you and make your mind consistent.


lesson#4: Always keep yourself down to earth


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We often observe that people after getting fame and name become arrogant. These are the same people who are one of us but after getting a bit higher their tones start changing. This is not a good attitude. A person who thinks that he will remain in the field for the whole life is living in an illusion.


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Your fame is just a matter of days but what lasts is the attitude and love you spread among the people. Never live a superior life. Keep yourself down to earth and never forget the point when you were nothing. A person who keeps in touch with his roots will lead a very graceful life.


lesson#5: Value your loved ones

There are many people around us who are working with us each day. These peoples are making efforts for pushing us up. But somehow due to any reason we start taking these peoples for granted. We didn’t value them the way we should.


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This is our family and friends who need our love and time but we don’t put a head on them. We are spending time with a lot of people but we did not remember them. All we have to do that to give is proper attention and time. It will make our life peaceful.

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These are very few lessons that I remember this time. I hope you guys get what I want to elaborate. You get the feeling with which I write this post. So, don’t lose heart when problems are pushing you down, just get up and start by keeping all your loved ones n your mind. Thank you so much for reading this. I will be there soon.


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