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                                      LET IT BLOSSOM!
The other day I happened to hear somebody grudging 'the love I have for you is immense; but you don't seem to give back the same quantity', etc etc.

The base for any relationship is nothing but some kind of an attraction, which is caused by appearance, gesture, manners, presentation, resemblance, etc. After the interaction begins, depending on the intensity of interaction, the status of relationship is decided. In case of the people concerned deciding it as love, I was wondering as to how love is measurable! First thing in love, is the misconception about expectation! When there is more of expectation from the counter-part, the concept of Love gets really knocked-off, I would say! In that case the love is not pure; it is with a selfish motive. It is not love and it is something else! It counts only for physical relationship!

Patience is the main thing in love, because you can never force anybody to love you. You can try all means to bring the other turn to your side, but there is no guarantee that the purpose would be fulfilled to the fullest extent ! So, only when the other person gets a feeling that your love is not with any selfish motive, he/she turns your side! Waiting for that particular moment would be the best way! Of course, this requires enormous patience.

When the so called Love exists between two persons, which is with a selfish motive behind it, knowingly or unknowingly, one automatically shows his/her possessive nature towards the other. It might never be liked by the other, probably it would be endured, with no other way. This would lead to some unpleasant situation only, because the one who does not like it or who just endures it, would feel that his/her individuality or self-esteem is being insulted here by the other showing their possessive or predominant nature. One's Ego is being put into test here! So one has to be very careful in dealing with that kind of a situation!

Best thing would be to LET IT BLOSSOM!

--by K.Balaji



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