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Hello there, 

My name is Tiago Rohrsetzer and I am a 25 years old Brazilian/American guy that really enjoys photography, beaches, traveling and engineering. Completely in love with my girlfriend Nathália!


In this blog I will try to bring you some information about the city I was born and that I live in,  Florianópolis, an island located in the state of Santa Catarina, south of Brazil. I will visit every one of the 42 different beaches available in the town and review it with as many photos and videos as possible for you to enjoy. I will talk about the place itself, the available restaurants in the area and any other information I find relevant! 


                                              Florianópolis on the Brazilian map.


 I hope you follow my blog and please feel free to contact me if you need more information about the places I show here or to request more pictures. 

Take care you all,

Tiago Rohrsetzer


About the author


I'm a 25 years old Brazilian/American guy, with a passion for photography and engineering.

I lived for some time in the USA and now I am back in Brazil, which is my homeland and where I am planning to stay.

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