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Hey, friends, this is Anjani again. On the way to get a great job, an interview is most important. If you want to make a good impression on your prospective employer, so you have to focus on special preparations for the interview. Let's know about these :)

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Special preparations -

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The biggest mistake of our career, that we do not fully prepare for the interview. If the interview should be prepared, so it is easy to achieve success. You don't have to work hard in preparation for the interviews. For this you will have to complete a planning. By smart planning and presentation will help you to face interviews and have proved yourselves best. Let's find out how to prepare for job interviews that will help you to place yourself in a good job.

Planning and Resources

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The person who is doing the interview schedule, talk to him and find out about the selection process. Whether there will be a written exam? Would be there Psychometric Profiling and group discussion? How will you interviewed? Will it be based on technical, behavioral, leadership or case studies. Will be it with an individual or a panel? we would gather information about the needs of the post. Then you should give a form to your preparation. May be in preparation for the interview, you have to buy technical books or formal interview shoes. The interview should be planned in the mind.

Interview Question:

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Studies and experience

Understand the company and its products. Once visit the company. Take the help of several sources of information, like the company's website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter profiles, news articles, trade journals, company blog and take the help of employer's review. Try to take an experience of the company which provides the service or products.

Meeting or Homework

Meet with such people, who are connected with the prospective employers. You will be able to find information of the entire company, like its culture, team, interview and selection process . Whatever the information gathered by you, just make a list based on the company's new employee as what company wants.

Help of Mock interviews

Most interview questions related to behaviors such as asking how you handled that day when your team is in dispute. For giving an answer you should use situation, action and results techniques. For mock interviews take help of parents and friends.

Resume and Story Script

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In resumes, you have to every thing clear. what you have Share with the resume firm , read it carefully. Prepare questions which are mentioned in resumes every line. Give practical answers them. Write down highlighted texts in every line of resume which is related to career. Prepare for two level questions, they can ask questions from your answers, take care of it.

Preparation and practice

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Prepared crisp answers for standard interviews, such as What is your current job, why you leave the previous job, why we have to hire you, what your strengths and weaknesses. Please, rehearsal in front of the mirror. It will be able to make you master in non-verbal communication.

Stay organized

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Several candidates prepared very well for the interview, but they get nervous on the interview date. It is important to be self-maintained. Which has been you prepared, revise it again and again? Work on those points where you are not confident. Maintain confidence and take a peace mind sleep .

Refer to the checklist

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Create a checklist for the interview date. What is to wear? Will go to interviews, what will take with? How will reach to the interview site? have you seen the interview place? When does the home leave? Such a checklist would relax. Not think much about the interview. What you have prepared, trust on it. Take complete rest. Make your favorite activity.

Better Performance

Enjoy your interview. Candidates who are well prepared for Interviews they conduct interviews and interviewers have followed them. Sent a thank you mail to interview coordinator. follow-up with Coordinator and wait for feedback for two days. Then talk to the coordinator. If the feedback is delayed drop an email reminder in next week.

Tips for Freshers

Top 10 Interview Tips video

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Appearance- Lack of presentation can spoil your interview. Shaving, trim the hair and nails, formal dressed, polished shoes and place the documents in the folder. It increases your effectiveness.
Timing- reached 15 minutes before the interview time to destination and try to stay fresh. Extract delay time of Traffic jams, rain or delay of the bus . If you are not aware of the location, so it's best to find out about the location before a day.
Body Language- Body language impacts in interviews. Keep practicing to walk with a smile in the interview room. shake hands firmly. Keep feet on the ground and sit straight on the chair. Keep limit your gestures.
Listening- Keep practice for listening skills in Mock Interviews. The person who is talking to you, listen to her, look a little further down and listen to him. Do not interrupt the interviewer. Did not understand the question, so be sure to clear with the interviewer.
Speaking- Smile and speak in such a way that your voice easily heard by every person who sitting in the interview room. Do not insist on Age, caste, politics or sex. Give the short answer any questions. Do not repeat the same thing. Do not give the wrong answer. Do not know the answer, then say that you don't know.

Reference and achievement

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The industry which is linked to the company where you going for interview, meet the company's employers and try to know employer's view about company. The referee is mentioned in your resume, tell to referee about reference check by potential employer, so he can give positive feedback about you. The company looks forward qualities from you which is based on your achievements, write it. It would be easier to tell them during the interview that you are perfect for the company and can be useful for the company. This may increase your chances of selection.

I hope this article will help you a lot. Soon I will post more like this which will help you :)

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