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Every educated men or women should know how to write a soft and reading letter. Every one may have to write business letter of some sort, and may have to face the problem of writing an important letter that will vitally affect his interests in life. The art of letter-writing is not a mere ornamental accomplishment. It is something that every educated person must obtain for feasible reasons. Letters are written in different kind (such as friendly letters, business letters, etc.) each of them has its own special form: but there are six important points which are applied to almost all kinds of letters. They are as follows:

1-    The heading--- this informs the reader where to start the letter from. The heading consists of your address and date which is written at the top right-hand corner of the first page-the address above and the date just below it-name or title of the person you are writing to, and his address may also be

Written at top left hand corner of the at a lower level than your own address.

2-salutation or Greeting----the position of regard is at the left-hand (of the first page) at a lower level than the heading. The form of greeting depends upon the relation in which you stand to the person you are writing to. It may be written in any of the following forms:

Dear father, my dear mother, dear sir, dear madam, dear. Ahmadi, dear Mrs. Ahmadi etc.

3-    The communication or body of the letter---this part is, of course, the letter itself, and the style in which it is written depends upon the kind of the letter you wish to write. You are writing the body of your letter, keep in mind to divide your letter into paragraphs, use simple and direct language, write neatly and don’t forget punctuation.

4-    Courteous leave-taking or conclusion---- alerter must not end abruptly, so certain forms of polite lease-taking are prescribed. Some of them are as follows:                                                                                               yours faithfully, yours truly, yours sincerely, etc

This part must be written below the last word of the body, and usually at the right side of the page.

The contract style is to use yours faithfully to end a letter which begins with dear sir/madam (i.e. when name is known to the writer). In America English sincerely or sincerely yours are often used.

5-the signature or the name of the writer----this part must come below leave-taking. In letter to strangers, the signature should be softly written, so that the reading may know whom to address in reply.

6-The address on the envelope----stick the stamp on the right corner above the back of the envelope. Then write the name and the address of the person you are writing to. Don’t forget to write the postcode on the envelope.






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