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Today, I would like to talk about my love for journaling again. I had blogged about it a few days ago and talked about the reasons why you should also keep a journal for yourself. I enumerated certain points and that of which can persuade you on starting one if you have not ever created any just yet. I truly believe that once you tried journaling even if you are not doing it everyday, you'll gain that specific habit which will definitely be beneficial to your health and to your life in general.

Why You Should Keep a Journal

Now, the topic is still journaling but I want to show you a level up way of journals. It is the more creative way and how to do so. This is more of like a scrapbook one but scrapbooks mostly contain of photos and scraps however the journal contains text information and phrases explaining about what had occurred on that day or your plans, your dreams and whatever you like in life or maybe perhaps just your random thoughts in writing.


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Level Up Journal Skills

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Most of those who are doing this specific journaling type are ladies, girls and all sorts of women. Women in general and "kikays" or someone who loves to design, to accessorize and add things that could beautify such.

That is why if you are not into this topic, I would like to give a caution, a disclaimer that the stuffs below are super girly and you might want to turn to a different topic instead.

This part, I'll be stating some of the things that you can do to level up your journals. It will help you beautify and make your journals a joy to read and flip through. Of course your journals are there to remind you of something so it is still better to have visuals and colors to look to instead of just texts.

1. Add Photos.

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Just like scrapbooks, you can add photos into your journal but unlike scrapbooks, make sure you add only smaller sizes of photos, make sure not to occupy the entire page of your journal but use photos to add visual highlights into that specific page.

Photos give you a glimpse of what had occurred on that day, a photo with a group of friends or a selfie at your new traveled town or country will do. Also, photos can be black and white or colored ones, both will definitely work!

I like adding photos because with just one photo, you can immediately remember the things you had done on that day and the memories will come back up right away in just a single look.

Again, do not exaggerate the page with just photos, one or two pieces of photos can do the work.

2. Use Doodles or Sketches.

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Here's another idea that one can do to enhance your journal page. Doodles can be added if you are not a good sketcher like me! I like doodling into my journal such as adding shapes of flowers, mountains, clouds, favorite animal like cat or dogs.

Also there's this new type of doodling referred as zentangle. Zentangle is a kind of art where you repeat a specific shape into your canvass. This can also be added instead but make sure not to overdo it. It can be drawn to add contrast to your page like in the borders or at the center.

Sketches on the other hand are for those who can indeed sketch. These people are whom I adore the most. Building perspective sketches specially when traveling is really impressive or perhaps the sketches of trees and mountains like those of Japan's Mount Fuji. It is indeed a joy to see that element in the journal.

3. Tape it with Washi.

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Image credits: Abbey Sy

Washi tapes are incredible. These are not just used to tape certain items into your journal but also taping them can already add beauty to it.

Originally from Japan where kawaii stuff began, the washi tapes has its own designs. They are packaging tapes which have been decorated with random designs and prints, perfect enough for DIY items. Its designs and prints ranges from tribal patterns, plain colors and different shades, floral prints and sketches and a lot more, you name it, they have it.

Although a roll costs more than the regular tapes, they are best for your journals because a design or pattern can give accents to your page. Aside from that, it can also fill up empty spaces.

Washi Tapes can be found in your local school and office supply stores or you can also order them online. There are a lot of re-sellers from your neighborhood and perhaps you can find them in different kawaii stores in your local malls.

4. Painting is fun too.

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You can never go wrong if you paint in your journal. Certain people are gifted with the art of painting and if you are one of these gifted ones, don't hesitate to add paintings on it.

It will not only showcase your experiences and stories inside the journal but also will highlight your art side. Painting a flower if you have gone to a botanical garden or someone gave you a flower, you can paint the exact kind you had received. That will be worth reminiscing in the future.

Note that adding painting will also depend on the type of notebook you have used for your journal. There are journals which have thin paper types and thus can't really hold water in it so make sure get a thick GSM kind of notebook so if you feel like you want to add a painting with watercolor or whatever medium which has liquid in it, it won't get through to the other blank pages next to your current page.

5. Stickers!


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Stickers with words and dates are perfect for your journal too! Most of these stickers can be found anywhere, kids love them and so as adults who love scrapbooks and journals.

Here's a better way to illustrate how you can decorate your journal with the use of stickers by Abbey Sy:

Video credits: Abbey Sy via YouTube.com

These tiny items can be used as well to simply decorate your empty spaces inside the page. There are multiple of times where in you won't be able to really fill up all the spaces inside the page, adding stickers will help you out and complete them.

Also, stickers are really inexpensive and you can get them anywhere. You can also have them while eating a junk food which has special sticker treats in it!

6. Just random stuff adds the beauty too!


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Random stuffs includes tickets you got from going to the movie theaters with your friends or loved ones, the train tickets from a different country with the date and time of your commute, those items have important information in them which can also add details to your page. It is also interesting to find words and characters which are foreign to you so it definitely brings memories!

Other random stuffs are listings. You can make lists of things that had made you glad on that day. To do things can be enumerated in a list too!


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Another thing is adding up stamps. You know anything and everything that you can find during the day and when traveling is something you don't want to loose because they can be a good addition to your journal. Even magazine cutouts can do so too!

7. Highlight Quotes and Important notes.

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Here's one favorite thing that I add on my journals. Quotes, reminding me and encouraging me to pursue whatever I like and dream in life. These quotes are not just encouragements but also driving spirit that can change your perspective when you are down or you are facing challenges.

It doesn't really require that you make it into a typography. Simply writing them in bold and bigger compared to the current texts would be enough. However, for more creative way, making a typography our of them will be better. 

I normally start with the quote since I also read bible verses and passages, I usually add them before I continue with the paragraph of words that I have in mind. In this way, I know the spaces and the available parts of the page where I can add more elements.

When I started with my journals, I was only using texts and doodles but then eventually after seeing other journals of the people whom I look up to such as Abby Sy and Reg of Wegienet.net, I have learned to apply my scrapbooking ideas in it too.

I can't however share my own journal pages because they kind of contain confidential things or those which I can't disclose right now but these are most likely how I am making them.

Note that there is no right way to make a journal, be original and add whatever you like in every page. You are doing it for yourself and not for anybody else so chill and just be creative.

Best regards,
Jean Beltran-Figues

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