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It is a simple machine used to push, pull or lift the heavy objects. It has the load fulcrum and effort. Fulcrum: A bar that turns about a fix point is called fulcrum. Load. To overcome the force load is used. Effort: The force applied to move the load is known as effort. Kinds of lever: There are three kinds of lever, which are following.


 First kind of lever: When the fulcrum is between the effort and the load is first kind of lever. E.g. Hammer, Seesaw, Pliers etc. Second kind of lever: When load is between the effort and fulcrum is second kind of lever. E.g. Wheel barrow, nutcracker and door. Third kind of lever: When the effort is between the load and fulcrum, it is third kind of lever. E.g., Tweezers, shovel, kitchen tongs.


Inclined plane: It is a slope to lift heavy objects e.g. Ramp, staircase, ladder, sloping roads. It is easy to lift heavy weight with its help. Less force is used. Wedge: It is a simple machine formed by joining two inclined planes together. It forms the sharp edge. It is used to move objects up e.g axe, knife, and scissors.

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