Lexus GS 450h Sedan

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The GS 450 H competes with the best in the midsized sedans segment consisting of high-end car makers like Audi, BMW and Mercedes. With a potent engine, sporting suspension and the availability of a customized F-SPORT edition, the GS qualifies as the penultimate choice for a sporting sedan. Moreover, the availability of alternatives like an all-wheel-drivetrain and a fusion drivetrain augment a further level of flexibility to the brand value of the car. The GS 450 H has been endowed with a brand-new bodywork and a house full of latest hi-tech gadgets and expensive embellishments. Popular features include modernized energy proficient weather control systems, Bluetooth connectivity and cutting-edge direct injection engine. The 2013 edition of the GS 450H showcases the Japanese carmaker’s attempt to capture the mid-sized sports sedan industry.

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