Lie Part 2

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While all these thoughts were rupturing my "Good Morning" I recieved  a call

"Hello" I said

"Mr Dean" High pitched Voice replied

"Speaking" I replied

The high pitched voice hung up.I was curious who this person might be.I was disturbed.

I got ready for the office and left.On my way to the office through subway I was thinking about that high pitched voice person.Who was he?.Had he known me for or had I known him for sometime.I was thinking about all my friends having high pitch voice but couldn't find any.While I was thinking about all of this;my eyes could a view enough to drag me out of my imagination.Out of the window I looked a man taking away purse of a lady and she cried "Help,help".I got up while the train was moving fast.I wanted to see where the thief moves in.He got into a small house in a dirty street.Probably an old smoky dirty street.

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I live in Pakistan Islamabad and I am a student.

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