Life Advice Blog: Do you talk to yourself?

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You are not mad or losing your mind. I had someone tell me that I was losing my mind when I was talking to myself one day. I even ended up asking myself if it was true. Asking myself by talking to myself, again! That's when it hit me: it is beneficial to talk to yourself, frequently too.

That's how you get to reflect on your life. You get to think about things and answer questions not easy to ask. You get to clear your mind and gain clarity. I don't think it is  a sign of insanity to talk to yourself. In fact, a person can be insane and not speak to one self. If talking to myself is insanity then I would like to be crazy. At least my mind will be at ease.

I don't like keeping things inside without solutions or a way forward. That's the kind of thing that will get you closer to insanity if you allow it. Talk to yourself and solve your problems. Ignore those laughing at you.

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