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1.  What is LIFE?

Life is the existence of mankind in this world of living.  When you breath, laugh, cry, have the feelings of pain, joy, hate, love, and even interacted with another being will explain that you are 100% alive. (my own meaning of life)

2.  What is MINISTRY?

Ministry is a profession.  It is the act of serving.

3.  Why a KIT?

All of us are engage to be ready from any disasters.  In television or radio, we are instructed to prepare ourselves from any disasters that may come in our way.  It could be a typhoon, tsunami, eathquake, volcano eruption, tornado, fire, landslide, and many more.

We should be ready and fill in our First Aid kit.  Commonly we prepare medicines, bandages, flashlights, and other immediate stuffs.



This kit is for you!  Use it in your life and ministry....

1.   (Source:  Google)

As we all know, a rubber band is an elastic object that can bind another group of objects as one.

The rubber band is to thank you for all those times you give loving hugs to the youth and to remind you that I'm hugging you right back! (God)

God teaches us to carry out the burdens of another person.  Listening to someone's problem is a simple way of comforting them.  And in return, God is comforting us as well.

2.   (source:  Google)

The Tissue is to help you dry one more youth's tear or maybe your own.  Know that I weep along with you. (God)

Most of the time when we cry, we think that our whole world turns upside-down.  We sometimes forgot that every tear that falls from our eyes, God cried together with us.. And He too wiped it out.

3.    (Source:  Google)

The button is to remind you to "BUTTON YOUR LIPS" when you want to say something harsh to an unruly youth but know it would be wiser to remain silent. (God)

Most of the time, when we heard irrelevant news about us, we easily reacted. God teaches us to be meek and lowly in heart.  It is better for us to widen our mind of understanding rather than reacting right away.

4.    (Source:  Google)

The toothpick is to help you "PICK OUT" the excellent qualities of your youth and yourself.  Don't forget.... I'm not done with either of you yet! (God)

This teaches us not to judge someone, we are not in their shoe, we didn't know what they've been through as well as they are on us.

5.    (Source:  Google)

The bandage is to help you heal the hurts of your youth and your own.  Remember that I was wounded for you also. (God)

Before we are wounded, God was wounded first.  The wound we gave to Him leave a scar.  And that scar reminds us of His great love to us.

6.    (Source:  Google)

The Curly Tops is because I know you like chocolates, and I like seeing you enjoy life! (God)

God is the author of our life.  He is our life.  Don't be so proud of your life.  We are all strangers and passers in this sinful world.  But He want us to enjoy every single detail of our lives following what is right in His sight.

7.     (Source:  Google)

The eraser is because everyone makes mistakes and that's ok.  Be ready to forgive your youth and yourself, just as I have forgiven you. (God)

No one is perfect (except for the name Perfecto, LOL :D )  From day today, we are entitled to make our own mistakes. Only we need to ask forgiveness from God and be sure to forgive yourself as well..

And lastly,

8.    (Source:  Google)

The golden thread is to remind you of heaven.  I look forward to seeing you and the youth from Hope in heaven with me someday! (God)

There are two places each of us will go.  One is the wide road which lead us to Hell.  And the other one is a long and winding road that leads us to heaven.  After entering the golden gate, we will tread the golden path to the mansion.  My way is there, and I am 100% sure of it.  What about you?

The following are short film and hoping you too could get some lessons out of it.



May you enjoy the kit that is given to you.. Have a blissful life..Be a blessing to others!!!

Thank You my friends!!!!



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