Life and reality

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Life is not always the same; sometimes everything is satisfiable, shows its beauties and everything is going on the best. It means that there is no problem, spiritual or material, irritating our life. Everywhere is laughing, and cheerfulness , that is seeing and touching. The life means, prosperity, calmness, cheerfulness, relief, victory and freedom, but it always does not  continue . It is the usual reality of the world being, life is full of ups and downs, goodness and badness, victory and fails, highest and lowest points. This is the reality of life, and it should be arranged base on.

On the other hand, fails in different affairs of life, study, career, love or aims, death of parents, relatives or friends, addiction, and other disasters make our life the tiring, nonsense, intolerable and irritating. We think that is not possible to continue the same, sometimes some people get rid of it and commit suicide, some surrender to the life and think it as their fate and fact of life, but those could succeed who do not surrender, and combat for the aims and victories. They are the real fighters of life that are ready to get their aims by effort, perseverance, hope and determination.

Fails and losses are full of opportunities and tips to think about, learn from and use them in your real life that would lead you into great successfulness, these will open the doors of prosperity to you that have never had them. We should be arranged according two sides and faces of life use our all skill toward our aims and victory, try to get improved day by day, in the other hand be ready for the sudden losses and fails that are not preventable and are part of the world being.

Victories and fails are certain parts of the nature of life and world; we are the ones who choose which one is for us, however sometimes we should accept opposites of our wishes. Efforts, perseverance, combating and tireless following of our aims help us to choose the victory and fight with the nature of the world for our fate and nature. Never the life and world come to the end, but this is our fiction that we think it is enough for us, and should give up and surrender to the life.

Be determined and decisive for your aims, think every fail a new start toward a brighter future. Whatever we combat for our aims against the disasters of life, we would be more inspired, dynamic and alive with much greater self-confidence toward our-made future. The world is combating field, much self-confident, ready and determined combatants are the victors. So, be victor. 

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