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I just want to share this. This will be long, and this is not about fetching comments or even getting likes.

I attended the healing mass of Fr. Fernando Suarez in Limketkai this afternoon. He shared a lot of his experiences during his healing ministry that I never thought would actually happen. He has a gift, no doubt about that. God use him as an instrument to heal people. What's amazing was that even those people from other religious sects, even those who are not christians who requested him to pray over them got healed too! So God do not choose even if from what religion you are in, as long as you have Faith in Him and you believe.

He emphasized on the trait of being Generous. He said, God provides all the time. God would test you on how open your heart is to giving as much as you can, may it be financial or time.. it doesn't matter. When you are given an opportunity to give, do not ignore it, because God is giving you an opportunity to be blessed and to be a blessing to others. Especially those who have nothing to eat, oh my do not ignore them! Give them food if opportunity allows you, because if you were there this afternoon, you would know what I mean. Hahaha..

There, I saw people got healed, able to walk after being prayed over. For several times, I witnessed miracles happen because of great faith in God. If one believes that he/ she will be healed by God's grace, then God in His infinite wisdom and mercy will grant your heart's desire.

He did mention that of course, everybody would eventually die, but for those who are ill and are asking for healing are requesting for an extension, because nobody, even those who pray most of the time are ready to die.

So there, an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy life, live the moment, don't worry so you'll learn to trust in His providence and you will realize that you are capable of doing things more than you ever thought you could. Stop worrying! It hinders God's grace to pour down. Always smile, do everything for His glory. It's a reminder for me too.

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