Life in a Metropolitan City: A student perspective

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It really is a great fortune for having a settled residency already from the very first day, life as we know it, has been very challenging for students in a busy place and to be honest, the name 'metropolitan' itself indicates the meaning of a fast life. London, is nothing new in this prospect, as many foreigners particularly those doing labors with immigrant status and students who spend years just to get settled and balance the equation between their study hours, their accommodation, their spending and most importantly their work status have been through a whole lot of shitty life, many have suffered from 'hysteria' and many students and labors have been used, abused and badly maimed for many years in this city, this also includes females from all over the world.

The positive side, however, is quite mesmerizing. London is the best place for foreigners, their underground (tube) system covers all of the 9'zones within the city. Places such as London Eye, Madame Tussauds, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square are an amazing attraction for tourists while those with the shopping insect in them are also beatific with places such as Oxford Street, Bond Street and Piccadilly Circus. To sum it all up, as my brother said once,

London is a place for the rich

Well, I won't doubt it as it really is one expensive city and the average cost for any student a year isn't less than 16-20K GBP. This includes everything from tube fares to accommodation to university fees. There is always something new to see, something new to explore, people from more than 150 countries/nationalities live here, more than 1000 languages are spoken here. The underground (tube) system though is the most suitable way for students yet this city offers much more overground. The people I am living with, are very busy in their works/jobs and the only time we see each other are from 10 pm to 8 am and on weekends. So it is a better option for students to get settled as soon as they can, keep up with the trends and flow with the city's changed air (yeah, that includes the whole environment), get a job and stay connected and busy at the same time.


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