Life in a remote country.

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Sometimes, each person complains of where you live for x reason, but have wondered: how to live in a country without democracy?

Well, I tell them.

  • First: you have to deal with the fact view the picture or drawing of political leaders on each wall or street you go so you do not like.
  • Second: you can not comment freely about anything or badly done by leaders who govern, as it is risking their freedom and security.
  • Third: If your preference for a political party is not governing, receive insults, rejection and aggression with just prefer something different.
  • Fourth: You have no chance to improve professionally, simply because these leaders only care about themselves and do not give him the chance.
  • Fifth, you can not get your own stuff, because the money never reached.
  • Sixth: you have to buy the food that they see fit not to mention hygiene products.
  • Septimo: Recalling point three, because you think differently, sometimes they refuse to sell you things.

It's not about not complain, only values every day the freedom of your country, and not be controlled by the leaders. everyone is entitled to express what they want and buy what you like.

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