Life is beautiful

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Life is very beautiful but there is a large number of people who are actually possible.As it has just a covering of beauty, attraction but from inner side it is possible so that it is much different for a poor man to live a life happily but if we think in board manner then we came to know that life is actually a very simple and beautiful thing. Who said that it is possible he actually responsible for it because they people made their life narrow and possible because they disappointed from the help of ALLAH. So they don’t try to again their loses they lose heart they don’t try even a little bit to till up the colors of beauty in their lives that’s why their lives became colors and they consider other responsible for their lives.

These days this fact is getting deep sorts that only the rich people have beautiful life while the others like poor have very ugly life but people are quit wrong in holiday this opinion because everybody gets for what he trice. So who loses heart and become disappointed from the help of ALLAH so ALLAH left them helpless because ALLAH had said in QURAN that means human got for what he tries and there is also a proverb “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES”


So according to this who left his life helpless. God made his life ugly and who believe on almighty ALLAH and tried his best loosing heart so ALLAH made their lives beautiful and bless them with their HONOUR. So we all should believe on ALLAH. 


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