Life Is One Time Offer Use It Well.

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A dying man laying on bed, he just going to die his family members,friends are standing around the bed and praying for him, All family members, friends are Sad for him an some are crying he was looking all of them then he saw 3 men are standing far and looking him with anger. he ask him with difficulty "who are you? why you are looking me like this?" Then one men come towards him and he has tears in his eye and say "Are you asking from us that who we are?? We are Your that wishes, passions, desire, abilities, qualities, that God gifted within you from your birth but you did not give us a chance to come out from you, ever you busy in study, ever you busy in job, ever you busy in married, and now you are dying and with you we are also dying without showing the world that what was you can do"
when a man is going to die he is seeing the whole his life that what he did in his life and what he want to do but he didn't. Life is one time offer we all have this one life and in this life we have to use it well. we have to find within us that why we are made for? every men kind are made for a purpose and we all have some special qualities that is given by God we just have to find it. And do it as soon as possible.
Don't say "there is still time" Or "Maybe next time" Because there is also a concept of "it's too late"..
God Bless You..
Muhammad Mudassir Memon