Life Is Too Short!

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This is not the song of Scorpions or that of Moffatts of the same title. It is common knowledge that life on earth is not meant to last forever. Some of the adjectives we can use to describe life are fleeting, impermanent, temporary, transient, ephemeral, brief, passing and evanescent.

On the other hand, the Bible gives some descriptions about human existence. According to the Bible, humans are like passing shadows, puffs of smoke or morning dews. At one time, we are seen; at another time, we are gone. That's sad, but it is the reality.

Sometime ago I attended a wake near our place because a friend of my father died of colon cancer. We were not close, but I often saw him before, so I paid a visit to his funeral to see his face for the last time.

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This reminded me of the post I saw on Facebook before: “Live each day as if it were your last. Tell those people around you that you love them while you are still around. You don't know when you will be gone.”

This truth about life on earth should not make us lose hope and live a hedonistic lifestyle. It simply reminds us not to waste time on useless pursuits and to set our eyes on the greater things in the future. Who knows that future can be just a minute or day from now?

Here is a soulful song of Scorpions titled “Life Is Too Short” that we should reflect upon.

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