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Human life is a bestowed blessing of  Almighty Allah due to this blessing we can  take benefit from other blessings and by faith in the oneness of Allah we can thanks Him for all the blessings and delights. We human are the perfect and super creature among all creatures of Allah and as well as we possesses the best body parts and the mind so that to better perform the daily work and there is no our comparison with other creatures regarding knowledge and education. This thing is very important due to which all new innovations become possible. 

We must understand that God has blessed us with so many great delights rather to be thankful to Allah we are immersed in sins and we do not see the life with the eye of fact. We persuade the frivolous activities and entertainments. It is a fact that that man is true seeker and hard-worker but it is not important that he should include everything with this thought that this thing will make his day better. Ignorant people say that the life is of two days so spend it happily instead it should be treated with tolerance and by doing remarkable achievements and opinions of such ignorant men push others to the way of bad deeds.

One should not play with death. There are also some people who not only put their lives in danger but also put the lives of other at the risk of death. When any careless person passes his car from any place then he puts in danger his life and the lives of others. Such person has no value of life he does not realize that his little mistake can cause accidents on the road and many people die. Important thing is that any such negligent never wants to be responsible for someone's death and enemy of others. And those who lose their lives in accidents have some responsibilities regarding their family members. Maybe for some people life is a meaningless thing but for the most of them the life is precious and valuable thing.

Humans are really innovative and creative as they create different ways to die. If they have no way they make it for them self easily. Its example is the cultivation of opium that was a herb which was used in various medicines. But this was done far ago nowadays people who love money has turned this herb into a deadly poison which takes away the life of careless people. These people know well the devastation of using opium but still they eat it and they are not worry about their parents and children but  sometime they sell their precious soul ruthlessly for the sake of temporary happiness. But alas, this is a step towards death not happiness. Life is very precious and we must keep it away from risks of giving and taking lives and we must use every moment of it for good purpose.



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