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Working in a call center is never easy. And, a lot of people are even judging call center agents. Most of the people think that people who works in a call center are those people who were not able to finish their studies, they think that people in call centers are dumped. Well, I admit, I am guilty of that myself. That was also what I thought about working in a call center at first. I thought you will just be reading scripts and just tell the customer what they need to do. But, definitely I was wrong! Working in a call center requires a lot of skills.

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1.       You need to be patient. 

A lot of customers will be calling in wanting you to help them and some of them seem to be kind of annoying but, as a customer service representative, you need to be patient.

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2.       You need to be able to empathize.

A lot of customers will be calling in as well and they are already getting mad and frustrated about the services they are getting from the company. You, as an agent, you need to be able to empathize to the customer. You need to be able to put yourself on their shoes so you will be able to understand them more. This thing builds trust to the customer.

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3.    You need to be able to resolve the customer’s concern.

As an agent, it is already the customer’s mindset that you will be able to help them that is why they are calling you in the first place. As an agent, you need to be able to ensure that by the end of every call, you will leave smiles on the customers’ faces because you are able to resolve their issue.

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Well, not just that. Because, I have also realized that, people who works in call centers are those brave people. Because when you work in a call center, everything is indefinite, unpredictable. You will be sacrificing a lot.


>> Night shifts <<

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 You will be sacrificing your health first and foremost because in the first place, it is not healthy for the human body to stay up all night because our body clock is already used to sleep at night and is really designed for that. But working in a call center, you will be sacrificing your health because most of the shifts are graveyard shifts. Like us, our schedule is 11PM-7AM. You went to work at night ang go out in the morning. I can even still recall during my previous BPO company, our eyes would really hurt every time we get off work. And that itself, is a sign that it’s not really healthy.


>> Working on Holidays <<


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It is only in the call center where I experienced working on holidays. I am even lucky for the previous company that I worked with because our day off last year fell on Saturdays and Sundays that is why I was able to celebrate Christmas and New Year at home but if Christmas and New Year will fall on a working day, you really need to sacrifice that. People are already enjoying the fireworks outside and eating their “noche Buena” but, you are there, at work, taking in calls. Imagine that? :D


>> Changing Schedules <<


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As what I mentioned earlier, it is really unpredictable in call centers. You might have 11PM-7AM schedule for this week but the next week, your schedule will change to the total opposite like 7AM-3PM. See how hard that is? That feeling when your body was already able to adjust to a graveyard shift and then, you need to let yourself adjust again the next week for another schedule. Sometimes, I would even tend to forget the dates and times already. LOL! :D


Giving up your normal human life. You will really give that one up. You won’t be the same again. Like, when your friends will be hanging out on  a Friday night, you won’t be able to if you work in a call center because, you will be working. Or, if they will go out in the morning, still, you won’t be able to because you will be sleeping. You won’t even be able to catch up and have time to go to the mall anymore because when you go to work, the mall is closed, when you get off work, the mall will still be closed. So, you will be going home and sleep but, the moment you wake up, it will be time to go to work again. That continuous cycle over and over and over again!


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It is very exhausting. It exhausts our body more if we lack sleep. That is why sometimes, based on my experience, I would even choose to sleep sometimes rather than going out to eat. I know it isn’t healthy but what can I do? I feel so tired already and just want to sleep.


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When I started working as a call center agent, that was the time when my perception about them changed. It is hard to be an agent. It really is. So, to those people out there, I hope you won’t be judging or I mean, degrade us, people who work in call centers. All I can really is that,

You will never know our struggle unless you experience how it is to be one.

(I am saying this because I have been seeing people on facebook who are degrading call center agents.)


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Note: I just want to thank @Adgoggleko for giving me this blog idea. I remembered it was you who told me to write about how it is working in a call center. And VIOLA!!!!! Here it is! :D




** I hope I was able to relay the message that I wanted to say. :)

**Have a blessed day everyone! 


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