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It is just so true that the student life is the best period of one's life.In their student life,the children starts their own life and can make decisions about their life.The life of a school student is just studies,he has to work hard but no doubt still this is the best time of his life.Student life prepares a person for the real life.This is a life of learning where a child gets educated and learns about the different thing around in this world.





When a child wakes up early in the morning no matter if it is cold or hot outside he has to go to the school.This really has a very good impact on his life.In school,teachers taught them in different ways.During student life,a student participates in different competitions through which he learn a lot.But one must should avoid bad company which is really a great temptation but one has to away from any piece of shit.In spite of all these facts,student life is said to be the golden period of one's life.





A student makes friends and spend a great time with them.Though,it is a hard life but still it teaches use good manners and morality.Student life is a disciplined life and enjoying after doing the hard work is much more than the enjoyment of those who have been lazy and just wasted their time.

It is said:

                     ''Live your life as a curious student and you will discover how fascinating it is''






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