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Whenever I look through any funny pictures from the various apps that I have on my iPhone, there is at least one meme or funny picture, depending on what you call it, that pokes fun at Google glasses.

So my mind sort of drifted off into wondering about other cool contraptions that we, as society have invented over the last year or so. So, I tried looking up the information and found a great amount of articles from the Huffington Post, Science Daily and The Guardian.


I’ve heard of drones in the past and the humanoid-robot that is expected to dominate our world and ultimately eliminate human existence altogether along with our need for jobs but, I wanted to see something that will happen in the near future like say, Google glasses. One of the recent inventions that I feel was sparked by the revolutionary impact of social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and any other sites that incorporate the use of pictures.


This modern invention is known as a Lifelogging Camera. It is literally a camera created by two main companies, Memento and OMG Life that is head-height mounted and automatically snaps pictures of you; so, fear not young grasshopper! You will no longer have to go through the pain and hassle of taking ‘selfies’ and ‘bathroom-pics’ anymore.

I personally feel this invention will adapt fairly quickly to the younger generations who were born with constant advancements in technology while the older generations will struggle with figuring out the mere purpose of such a device with question such as what is the exact purpose? Why not just record?

Well, the younger generations use and expansion of social media websites in their daily lives has clearly had a significant impact on the entire world of technology, which is not necessarily a bad thing especially with the inevitable eradication of privacy in our daily lives.  

Privacy seems to become an issue with every new and improved piece of technology and these Lifelogging Camera’s will surely make sure every moment is captured once turned-on andmounted; it’s just another step for mankind in improving our daily lives, I guess.



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