Life style of peoples in their home and their social life

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In a large family of brothers and sisters there is plenty of fun and assessment and social life. An only child who has no companion of its on age in the family is a lonely child and becomes old fashioned in its ways by always being with grown people.

But in the large family, the children are happier, because they play together and keep each other young. When there are many children they help to train one another. The older ones who have received some discipline and education show the younger ones by an example. How to behave and so relieve the parents of a lot of trouble. And a number of children growing up together rub the angles and corners of one another.

A man who has been brought up a large family is less likely to be selfish. A young man who is the number of large family has ready made for him a big circle of friends who take an interest in his welfare and are ready to help him in his carrier. He will have an elder brother's who are settled in life . He will never be alone in the world . On the other hand there are certainly disadvantages.

The parents can not give so much attention to each child when there are so many child to care for. When there are only two or three each one can be studied and trained much more efficiently but when there are many child then each child is lost in the crowd. There is more quarreling that the children have different disposition and they will not always agree.

A large family is not our ways are united family and it may split into factions. A quarrel between brothers is often was then one between friends. Lastly, a number of large family has less of worldly deeds to inherit from his father. A small patrimony divided between two or three may give each a comfortable income but the share of each son in a large family may be a small pittance.

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