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Life is a rule. But this rule is where hard rule. But I think a easy way for continuation great life. but now I fine a stylish way for my life but now I can fine

what is life what do you want for me. what can I do for lenght life in the future but I think life is a Game in this world but play this game to success life but now

my life is elengant life but I am so happy for this life because life is so easy for me but I continuation this happy life same people thinking life is where hard

they are told to me life is difficulty I told to them life is light. Life is a gaming but play this game to succeed this way. Life is a gladness.gladness is were nice

way for best life to happy. but my life is advanced life. Think for a advanced life. Do you like your life is the best in the future but fine great way. what is great way for happy life in Afghanistan. I tell to you great way for happy life. Happy every day. Journey to east west. Journey to north south. Play game. Laughing from your depth. But now you fining your happy life



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bahman barakzai was born in nimroz province Afghanistan,graduated fram Riaz high school in 2007 in Herat bahman graduated fram computer Science in Herat

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