Lighting For Your Film or Photo Shoot

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How Important is lighting for your film or photo shoot? If you answered very important, than you are correct. Lighting is everything. When I was working on the set of Frankenstein "Day of the Beast" as an associate producer, Film Director Ricardo Islas would spend all morning just getting the lighting right. What you capture on film is what you have to work with, don't expect to fix lighting in post production. Soft Box Lighting is the way to go for indoor filming. Soft lighting can also be achieved with umbrella lights, the same for photography.  The less you have to do in post production to enhance your lighting, the better your end result will be. If filming outdoors I highly recommend using sun reflectors, this is will achieve the professional results your looking for. Remember, lighting is everything.

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Jeffrey A Swanson has been involved in the Entertainment industry for over ten years. First landing a starring role in the low budget horror film "Carnivore" released on 20th Century Fox, then going on to head up his own record label Dark Star Records. Jeffrey A Swanson now shoots and…

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