Lines For My Lover

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Lines For My Lover - featured in the new ebook Rhumour Of Romance


Let's find a secluded corner,

wine and dine by scented candlelight

while over table our hands are touching 

and underneath toes will be tracing outstretched legs…


Our warm voices will be whispering sweet delights to share

eyes gazing at each other to express our never ending care

sensual moments lingering before departing to our private room

fingers woven in an impish grip as our hands swing while we stroll

a cool breeze along the covered walkway freshens up our step

and soon we reach the chalet door wherein our night will be kept…


Can I strum you a tune on my old guitar, with words you will come to know

while I watch your soft smile spreading and the love in your eyes aglow 

will you dance before me my darling, hold silk wraps across your skin

then we will move to hold each other and taste lips with a hint of wine

and you will shake your long hair loose for me to slide my fingers through

then as the evening passes, and we taste all of each others skin

how many hours will pass by as we share our true selves deep within

some moments soft and tender, more with a rising heartbeat…


And if after our heightened screams do peak, we take a minutes rest

we'll gaze into each others eyes and know what comes next will be the best

for over time and under dressed, lovers learn to please ever more

a great perfection that is only ever in, the eyes of those we truly adore…



July 20th 2014


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