List of Herbal Plants for Weight Loss

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There is an increasing number of overweight people in the entire world. This is due to different factors such as having a sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy food. Thus, this causes a huge impact on our health. Let us accept the fact that we do need to lose all the excess in our body. Losing weight does not only benefit us for our outward appearance but also leads to a healthier body and improves our whole well-being.

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There are lots of dieting list and different options available to help lose those extra pounds in your body. Some of these options include exercise programs with machines like those at the gym, supplements in capsule, tablet or even food and drinks form as well as diet pills. There are even slimming soaps and lotions available in the market. In the newest technology right now, we also have the non-surgical and surgical methods such as lipo-cavitation, liposuction and the list goes on and on.

Despite the long list of weight loss products, one available option that a lot of people are still trying right now is to use herbals or plants that give therapeutic effect to the body. This is a very in-demand method that people are choosing since it is one of the most natural ways on how to reduce weight effectively. However, using this option is not one of the fastest ways when it comes to seeing the result.

Also, keep in mind that herbal plants can give different effect on the body especially if you are taking some medications whether prescribed or not.

It is very important to give a thorough research on these plants first before deciding to use them.

Here are some lists of the herbal products that you can use to help reduce body fat.

Note that there are no indications included in this article on how to prepare these herbs as this is just for information.


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1.       2 Herbal Plants That Effectively Lose Weight But Should be Used With Caution:

I decided to put these two on the top list because even if they do give good results in loosing weight however, you need to watch out for their other effects in the body especially when you are taking any medications. These effects include delaying the therapeutic effect or even contradicting the effect of your medications. Also if you have any illness or diseases, they may exacerbate some of your signs and symptoms. So, it is for the very best that you have to ask your doctor before taking these herbs.


This is a herbal plant that acts as a laxative and most commonly used to treat constipation. It is one of the main ingredients used for most of weight loss tea. It works by stimulating the colon by activating the natural bacteria inside using the “sennosides.” However, it is best to use this with precautionary methods since overdosing of this herb can cause dehydration due to fast bowel movements.

St. John’s Wort

This is a herbal plant that acts as a supplement for weight loss. One of its main activity is to increase the serotonin levels, known as happy hormones, it the brain. This hormone has a short term effect of being an appetite suppressant thus making your brain tell you to eat less or you always feel full. However, this plant has a lot of contraindications especially to almost all kind of synthetic medicines. It is best to take this either with an approval of the doctor or if you are not taking any kinds of medicines at all. Also watch out for some unwanted effects if not used properly such as sensitivity to light, fatigue, mild stomach cramps and itching.

2.       Green Tea

Drinking green tea extracts help in burning extra calories and fats in the body up to 40% especially when taking it with caffeine. A study shows that people who drink green tea for weight loss reduced 2- 3 times more than those who did not. This herb is most commonly used in conjunction with treatments for obesity.

3.       Immortality Herb

The scientific name for this plan is Gynostemma pentaphyllum or known as Jiaogulan tea or leaf ginseng. In the Philippines, it is known for the name as ampalayang-gubat. It is said that this plant is one of the safest herbal medicine that is traditionally used.

This herb is mainly known for its health benefits such us increased blood flow, reduction of blockage in the artery, helps in lowering down blood pressure and also increases fat burn and many more.

It even has an anti-aging effect on the skin and is widely used for beauty soaps, moisturizers, creams and lotions. However, you should take also into consideration not to drink this tea for pregnant or lactating, under 2 years of age children and those who have known allergies.

So there you have the list of herbs that can aid in burning your fats and extra calories if you like going the natural way of loosing weight. I hope that this information can help you in deciding which option to use.

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