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As like I shared my ideas with you about the topic in my previous blog now here I am going to write the rest part of my blog. Likewise I mentioned the differences between the literate and educated people so here I’ll give you information with example to exceed and expand my blog. Why the literacy is keeping that much difference with   education? It is always because after much information after long term study still will not gain up your awareness how to react with the humanity in the society or about the social responsibilities. Reading and writing is now everybody knows; so the main thing and key point is awareness about the responsibility, unbiased and fair with his/her task and accessing his knowledge for the development then he is educated.

We have not to be bound with the reading, writing and getting information but well knowing how we have to be ethically? Where have to apply information and when, why or either it has advantages for humanity? This is our education; which teaches us civilization and well knowing.

Now a day, it is very common many studied candidate; they don’t like to see their parents, either they don’t like to feed them in their old ages or many of them feel shy to see them. These are the person who does know reading and writing, but he has forgotten they parents love and beyond all the desired and warmth wished that parents kept for their kid either he has forgotten parents made him studied.  I called that type literate because they don’t know the social responsibilities toward their parents, sisters, brothers, kinship and friends and many more people in the society.

Inclusively, many people who are feeling proud, they don’t like to talk to the low level  people. This type of people near to me they are uneducated. If you don’t know how to be rested in others heart then you are not well knower. Remember as being Muslims keep this thing in mind, ALLAH keep our first priority to “human rights”. So, first we have to be very good with the humanity then we can well access in further life. When the person is completely well aware about the responsibilities and work ethically and good in the society with neighbor, relatives, friends etc then he is called educated otherwise the PHD person without his obligation, responsibilities at least in front of me he/she is not educated just literate.

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i am malika shah. i am the student of BS Eco & Finance. my passion is writing and to be superior in my life. serving for human being is my warmth desire.

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