literature as dehumanizing force

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Literature is written description of a it is said that literature is reflection of societal behavior ,norms ,tradition, and culture. But this description sometimes is based on prejudices and biasness of writers. Because precoceived ideas of a writer interfere in his/her writigs either in some way or other.So literature has become as a dehumanized factor rather a humanizing force.lets see....

There is many examples of biased literature a"Clash of civilozation"by Huntington which has paved ways of iraq and afghanistan war. This work has divided humanity by classification of boundries and on religious beliefs.Edward Said,in one of his article named "Myth of clash of civilization" has also commented on this work in this way.

Another work regarding this concept is"Roots of muslim rage"which has created differences between muslims and westerns rather than lacking earlier prejudicies.

If take view of Shakesperen plays,his work is also based on biasness and flattery of kings.For this one can see ""Henry4"and"Othello" in which character of othello,who is turk is depicted as a"Moor"and unjust and also a jealous husband.

If put light on Modern literary piece of writings as war literature which prevail pessimism,purposelessness of life,nihillistic effects,and desire of suicide among readers.By reading Hemingway's"Farewell to Arms",Samuel buckett's"Waiting for Godot",and Albert camus writings reader feels that he is only created to bear sufferings of life and only destination of a person is Death.And these also negate hereafter life and promote Nothingness in life.

In a nutshell,and light of upper discussion it is obvious that literature puts dehumanizing effects on lierary readers who can reveal meanings under the lines and can analyze linguitic meanings of work.


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