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Supposing all was settled, Okoli retreated to work weeding and tending to his young products... cultivating was the main thing he knew how to do, his predecessors were famous ranchers and he was headed to turning into an awesome agriculturist as well. Late at night, he pressed up his devices and gradually advanced home... to the body warming crisp fish pepper soup his significant other constantly made for him. After supper, he went in again to lay with Ufoma. He just couldn't have enough of the youthful Coal black cleaned Urhobo young lady from mid western Nigeria. At that point the loathsome minute came, the minute he now hated recalling... the torment, anguish and dread was something he wouldn't wish his most exceedingly bad adversaries. They had come in the dead of the night when all that could be heard were the chirpy hints of the night crickets, laying to waste all that was in their way. All of a sudden, they started shooting at Okoli's hovel.

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The sound of the resonating weapons twitched him from his pleasure, rest, the entire spot was ablaze. Intuitively, he snatched his lady of the hour and surged her out of the house to wellbeing... Then again so he thought. The assailants numbering around fifty had encompassed his residence a commando like style... they dragged the lady from him, one of them hit him on the head with the knob of a weapon, he fell over writhing in torment. They were talking a peculiar dialect, he couldn't understand what they were stating yet he could tell they were exceptionally irate. He got on his knees arguing for leniency, an assaulter struck him to the ground with both knees while another battled violently with his significant other... it was the most excruciating knowledge of his life.

Ahana remained there embarrassed; her head brought down and bears hanging. Her cheeks were blood red with shame. She waited timidly at the edge of the asphalt; not knowing where to take a gander at or where to go. This part goes back to the late 1990's when Ahana was a post-graduate in her mid 20's. Ahana was a truly, young lady; somewhat whimsical and brash; living in the beautiful city of Pune with her folks and her more youthful sibling. She had a place with a marginally preservationist, white collar class family. They lived in a respectable, cosmopolitan culture on the edges of the city.

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Ahana was then enlisted in a night workshop in a city school. It was a brief training in Experimental writing and Ahana had her classes twice per week, for around three months. There were around twelve understudies in her clump; a blend of young men and young ladies, either in their initial or mid 20's. They were a pack of imaginative people, with their innovative juices, prepared to stream any minute. They were all egotistic and ostentatious; continually expecting that they were the best from the rest. Since some of them were working around then, they would for the most part be racing to school attempting to reach at the season of the address. Ahana wasn't utilized, so she would dependably achieve somewhat early and stand outside the school doors, sitting tight for whatever remains of her colleagues.

One by one, the young men and young ladies would arrive (the ones who were jobless) and they would all stay nearby till it was the ideal opportunity for their class to start. In the interim, they would visit unendingly about the great books they'd perused or the exquisite motion pictures they'd seen, and continue gloating about how they could have ad libbed on them on the off chance that they were in the writer's or the chief's place. And vapulsemedia helps to provide fast services. In the middle of their talk they'd glance around and pass comments and break jokes on the off chance that they saw anything untoward in the clothing of the couple of teenagers wandering around the school premises in those shadowy hours.

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